The Story of Chef Randy & Elizabeth Landry and River Terrace New Orleans Cuisine

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Randy and Elizabeth Landry met in New Orleans in January 2006, shortly after Hurricane Katrina had wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast. 

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by  native  New  Orleanian  Chef  Randy  Landry

Randy had just six weeks prior purchased a condominium on the beach in Mississippi, and five days prior, Elizabeth had just purchased a new home in New Orleans. Randy stayed in his condo the morning of Katrina until a few hours before Katrina hit it, returning that afternoon to nothing but the concrete foundation slab. Elizabeth’s new home and home she was selling had both flooded. A native New Orleanian who had been away from New Orleans for the prior several years due to work, Randy returned to New Orleans at that time. Despite growing up many years before only a mile apart, the two met for the first time a few months later through a cousin of Randy’s, a former coworker of Elizabeth’s who had reconnected with Elizabeth post-Katrina. Within a week, they had fallen in love, and within six months, the two were engaged to be married, the wedding following shortly thereafter.

Not wanting to risk going through another major hurricane, Randy and Elizabeth decided to relocate further north. After doing extensive research of various southeastern cities and making a two-week trip to explore these areas in person, Randy and Elizabeth found Columbia, Tennessee, and thereafter discontinued their search. With its warm, hospitable people, beautiful, serene landscape, and reasonable cost of living, Randy and Elizabeth felt that Columbia could be their new home, and purchased a lovely local home in February 2007 to become part of the Columbia community.

As of May 2010, most all Hurricane Katrina repairs were completed and the couple made their formal move to Columbia. Just beforehand, The Ole Lamplighter Inn property became available for purchase. Having owned a successful restaurant previously, Randy welcomed the opportunity to engage in the restaurant business once again. When he and Elizabeth had been viewing homes in the area, they had asked numerous local people at that time where there were some upscale restaurants to have a nice dinner.  Without fail, every single individual asked named another town altogether instead of any restaurant name. This told Randy and Elizabeth that there was a niche to be filled in the area, so they jumped on the opportunity to purchase The Ole Lamplighter Inn property.  With entire back of the restaurant being comprised of large picture windows that provided a view overlooking the gently flowing Duck River, the setting was perfect for a romantic, upscale restaurant.  Randy and Elizabeth then began their journey of creating a local alternative for the area community to having to go completely out of town for such.

The property's original structure was built in 1800 as a residence. As far as we know, sometime in the 1920’s it was a combo bait stand & mercantile. After a fire in the early 1940’s, it became the Pickwick Dinner Club in 1947, a private club open 24 hours a day. After changing hands several times, subsequently opened as the Ole Lamplighter Inn in 1980 – 2004, operating as such until November 2008. After remaining closed for a year and a half, it was purchased by the Landrys in May 2010.

The wrought iron work on the porch & throughout the restaurant were all created by Randy personally by hand, along with the majority of the woodwork.  After five months of extensive renovation and incorporating Randy’s native New Orleans cooking skills and recipes, Randy and Elizabeth were proud to offer to you River Terrace, New Orleans Cuisine. We hope you enjoy your dining experience with us as much as we have enjoyed becoming part of Columbia’s wonderful community. Bon appetite!

Chef Randy & Elizabeth Landry